Meed our fabulous friends and family who will be standing with us at our ceremony! They are a great group, and we can’t wait until you get to meet them.



Grace Meiners

Laura has known Grace since her sophomore year at Mizzou. They first got to know each other on long runs around Columbia and college parties on East Campus. Laura and Grace are now neighbors in Sunnyside, NY, where they continue to work out together and have fun city adventures including an appearance on the TV show Bar Rescue.


Kristin Holmquist

Starting out as randomly paired roommates at Mizzou, Kristin and Laura stayed roommates and friends throughout their experience at Mizzou. They even studied abroad together in London and traveled on the weekends to places like Spain, Italy, France, Greece and Scotland. Kristin currently lives in Columbia, Missouri.


Amanda Howie

Amanda and Laura met and quickly became friends when they found out they were randomly working in the same building on the same floor in the city. Since then, they have enjoyed getting together for coffee, drinks, dinners, shows and other fun times in the city. Amanda lives in Long Island City, which makes them basically neighbors.


Nikki Clement

Nikki and Laura met through Amanda and they started enjoying fun, free and cheap thrills in the city including joining a free hula dancing class. Nikki took Laura to Cape May for her first girl’s trip and exposed her to some great 80s music dancing fun times. Nikki lives in Manhattan and often makes the jaunt anywhere for a fun city experience.



Nick King

Nick and Parker have been close friends since they worked together as staff photographers for over three years at The Columbia Daily Tribune in Columbia, Mo. During that time Nick and Parker shared common ground professionally and socially, from collaborating on the sidelines of football games to Nick’s presence when Parker and Laura started dating. Nick currently lives in central Michigan with his family.


Jeffrey Furticella

Parker first met Jeff through mutual friends shortly after moving to New York. Both photo editors working the late shift, there was a natural attraction beyond the facial hair. They have enjoyed many after hour adventures and, despite currently working for for competing publications, they remain close friends. Jeff currently lives in Brooklyn.


Hunter Eshelman

Hunter is Parker’s older brother, he lives in Brookyln and works in NYC as a group creative director for VML, an advertising agency headquartered in Kansas City. His daughter Murphy is our flower girl.


Duncan Eshelman

Duncan is Parker’s oldest brother and he lives with his wife Amber in Kansas City. He is a senior software analysist at Cerner Corporation.