Parker proposed on May 5, 2014, during a family vacation to Puerto Rico. It was the culmination of an amazing, day-long excursion to Culebra Island which included snorkeling, swimming with turtles, and taking in the brilliant colors of Flamenco Beach.

We set out to Culebra in the morning on a boat with about twenty others, including Parker’s two brothers and a sister-in-law, from Fajardo on Puerto Rico’s east coast. As the boat made it’s way towards Culebra across the bright blue horizon, Parker began to realize today could be the day.

The first stop on the excursion was a coral reef off the southern edge of the small island. We were given about an hour to explore the reef, scout for fish, and test our underwater iphone case.

We were treated to lunch and some refreshments before setting off to the second stop on the trip, an offshore area popular with sea turtles and stingrays.


It wasn’t long before be we were back on the boat and headed towards the last stop, Flamenco Beach. Located on the island’s north side, the beach is listed as one of the most beautiful in the world. As the boat drifted towards the shore and were suddenly surrounded by a bright white beach and crystal clear turquoise water. Tt was clearly living up to the hype, the perfect blue skies helped too. Parker knew this would be it and Laura had absolutely no idea.

The boat dropped anchor and we had about two hours to explore the area. The only way to get to the beach was to swim. Parker carefully concealed the ring and we swam ashore. We walked the length of the beach and while taking in the views. Parker noticed a low hanging palm tree under a patch of shade. We continued our journey to the beach’s edge and saw the remnants of a tank left behind when the island was a staging ground for military exercises.


On the return trip from the beaches edge, Parker stopped Laura by the palm tree, asked his brother Hunter to take a photo of them. He turned to Laura before taking a knee. SHE SAID YES!