Laura and Parker first met through mutual friends in Columbia, Missouri in 2010. Laura was a senior finishing her studies in journalism at the University of Missouri while working a number of downtown restaurant shifts. Parker was a staff photographer at the Columbia Daily Tribune newspaper where he worked since his graduation from Mizzou in 2006.

They kept running into each other around downtown, during karaoke and dance nights at a bar named Eastside Tavern and coincidentally when Laura was serving lunch at Uprise Bakery. Parker ordered a lot of cuban sandwiches that spring!

Finally Parker asked Laura out and they went to dinner and the rest is history!

Oh, but then Laura, a recent grad with the world as her oyster, went to rural Spain to teach English. But it was ok, because they did the long distance thing and Parker came to visit for an epic Spanish whirlwind tour through Andalusia over the holidays. She returned from Spain after a year away and the rest is history!

Well, until Laura moved to New York City a few months later. They did the long distance thing AGAIN for about nine months until Parker quit his job in Columbia and moved to NYC as well, following Laura’s footsteps. Three years later, they still live in the same Sunnyside apartment with their dog Weegee.

They both work in midtown Manhattan and enjoy exploring the many adventures that await in and around the city.